Brian Alberts, PhD

Headshot Brian AlbertsI am a historian who uses beer and brewing as lenses for American history. I received my PhD from Purdue University in May 2018 and currently teach there as a Limited-Term Lecturer.

My research interests include the nineteenth century American capitalism, German immigration, ethnicity, and beer culture. My dissertation, “Beer to Stay: Brewed Culture, Ethnicity, and the Market Revolution,” examined how beer production and consumption helped German immigrants negotiate American citizenship in mid-nineteenth century Cincinnati and Chicago. In addition to converting that project into a book manuscript, I am currently researching parallels between the proliferation of lager beer during the nineteenth century and that of modern craft beer.

I am further committed to exploring beer’s instructive and public history potential. In addition to developing undergraduate courses that use beer history to explore the American experience, I use beer as a medium to engage or start public conversations. I have contributed to the creation of museum exhibits, written media pieces, provided documentary and radio interviews, and given several public talks.

I can be contacted at