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Beer is…

…more American than apple pie. In the last 250 years, beer has at one point or another been a local, individual craft and a homogenized product of capitalism. Beer has been considered both healthy nourishment and sinful poison. It’s been legal, illegal, an activist’s tool, and the beneficiary of million-dollar ad campaigns. Some have used beer to include, others to exclude. Beer is culture brewed.

I’m a historian who uses beer and brewing to explore the American experience—and to help us all appreciate what we drink a little better. On Brewed Culture, I share my journey through the world of beer history and invite you to come along. As an experienced scholar, communicator, educator, and consultant, I’m always looking for new ways to incorporate beer’s fascinating past into brewery spaces, museums, classrooms, and special events.

If you have a story to explore or a project to pursue, get in touch with me at

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I write and host a podcast! As part of Good Beer Hunting‘s Source Material series, my podcast hoists a pint glass between past and present to see how beer refracts our perspective. You can find episodes on Apple, Google, Spotify, and anywhere else the GBH podcast is available…or just scroll down! Each episode will be made available on this page.

Latest episode

SM-004: ‘Every Can Counts’: Boycotting Coors in Colorado, the Castro, and Beyond

Link on Good Beer Hunting

I team up with guest co-host Holly Regan to explore the Coors boycotts, a series of coalition-based campaigns against the anti-union, discriminatory, and zealously conservative practices of Coors Brewing Company and the family behind it. Special guest Allyson Brantley. (images by Colette Holston)

SM-003: Name Your Poison

Link on Good Beer Hunting

I wrap up my debut series on 1800s lager beer and public health with a look at the seemingly endless adulteration debates that hounded lager beer for half a century. Special guests Maureen Ogle and Lee Graves.

(August 26, 2021)

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In the Wild

I love using beer history to engage the present. Whether via individual public talks, collaborations, or writing, I’m always looking for new connections, new opportunities, and new audiences.

Read on to learn about some specific projects, but I’m always looking for new connections and opportunities, such as:

  • Consulting
  • Freelance research, writing, or podcasting
  • Museum exhibits
  • Historically/community-minded beers or collaborations
  • Events and event series
  • Podcast and other media appearances
  • Public talks, presentations, discussions
  • Short classes and other educational opportunities

Featured Article:

‘Every Can Counts’: Boycotting Coors in Colorado, the Castro, and Beyond

Co-authored with Holly Regan


A companion to my podcast (also on Good Beer Hunting), this article explores the Coors boycotts of the late 1900s, particularly how queer organizers in California (alongside Hispanic/LatinX, Black, Indigenous, and other underrepresented groups) partnered with labor unions to form one of the largest consumer movements of the century. For many across the country, Coors beer became synonymous with ultra-conservative politics, bigotry, and worker exploitation.

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I’m a trained historian, communicator, educator, and consultant who uses beer’s past to connect to its present. Born and educated in the Midwest, my wife and I now live near Seattle, Washington. When I’m not investigating beer history and raising Joey and Zoe, our two children, I’m working with breweries, nonprofits, other experts, and publishers to share my insights as widely as possible.

History is meant to do more than fill up bookshelves, and the proverbial pint glass offers not only an engaging perspective of the past but also an accessible way to bring it to just about anyone. Breweries, museums, educators, and others can use beer’s distinct historic role to tell the stories that matter to them most—even stories that may not directly be about beer at all.

My ability to activate the past using beer has led to engaging articles, museum exhibits, historical collaborate beers, dozens of public events, and more. If you have a project you’d like to pursue, feel free to reach out to me at

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