I write and host a podcast! As part of Good Beer Hunting‘s Source Material series, my podcast hoists a pint glass between the past the present to see how beer refracts our perspective. You can find episodes on Apple, Google, Spotify, and anywhere else the GBH podcast is available…or just scroll down! Each episode will be made available on this page.

Latest episode

EP 003: Name Your Poison

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I wrap up my debut series on 1800s lager beer and public health with a look at the seemingly endless adulteration debates that hounded lager beer for half a century. Special guests Maureen Ogle and Lee Graves.

(August 26, 2021)

Past episodes

EP 002: The Devil’s Chloroform

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I continue my dive into lager beer and 1800s public health debates with a look at cholera epidemics during the 1840s, 50s, and 60s, when lager beer was simultaneously blamed for causing the disease, and lauded for preventing it. Special guests Maureen Ogle and Lee Graves.

(July 25, 2021)

EP 001: Overruled

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My podcast debuts with ‘Lager Beer, Governing Bodies,” a three part series looking at lager beer’s repeated entanglements with public health debates in 1800s America. This episode covers a series of court cases during the 1850s and beyond, where a heated debate took place about whether lager beer could intoxicate a person. Special guests Maureen Ogle and Lee Graves.

(May 28, 2021)